You and I: A New Musical

You and I

You and I is a show about family and friendship, even if that friendship comes in the unlikely form of robot Robert. Fran needs to start living her life more and when Robert, a form of artificial intelligence (Robert himself denies that he is a robot) lands on her doorstep he is part of the push that Fran needs. Simultaneously Ian moves in next door and between Robert and Ian, Fran is forced to look outside of her room.

You and I not only has a quirky concept but at the centre of it lies a show with real heart. It has snippets of real comedy, such as Robert’s discovery of what lies on the internet as well as moments that really move the audience, such as when Fran elaborates on her family history. Even in the short running time of this show Colla Voce Theatre Company ensured that there was real character development and depth for Fran and as a result you really cared for her by the end.

Fran was played by Lindsay Manion and I enjoyed that she was not an obvious protagonist. Fran is written as an awkward introvert and Manion succeed in getting these characteristics across and at the same time getting the audience to warm to her. Robert was played by Laurence Hunt who was brilliantly funny in the role. It is a hard part to play when your voice is robotic and your expression limited but Hunt managed to get plenty of laughs. I would have liked to have seen his movement slightly more stylised to reflect that of a robot but this was a minor niggle. Robert is given some brilliant comedy moments as he arrives on Fran’s door knowing nothing. His discovery of the world around him is as funny, as Fran’s battle with her isolation is moving.

The music is well placed and has a gentle folk feel to it. Like the show itself it has a nice range of comedic moments, such as when Fran and Ian sing about Fran hitting Ian with her car and equally other more moving songs which help underline the most emotional moments.

You and I is a well written, quirky show with moving moments that has the audience both laughing and holding back a tear, a sure sign of success.

You and I: A New Musical is on at Ermintrude, underbelly Bristo Square from 17:10 – 18:25.

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